Thursday, March 18, 2010

Choice Stuff To Do This Weekend

1) Go to Pick Of The Fringe. See reviews of the shows at the following places:
2) Go to the beach. Go on. It may be cold and windy but it will be choice. The beach is always better a bit rainy. Well except in Summer.

3) Play basketball. There's a group that plays at the Aro Court every Wednesday according to our Facebook but take it over for the weekend.

4) Watch a shitty movie.

5) Double Ya D at Mighty Mighty on Saturday night. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA.

Have an excellent weekend lovelies! We will be back way more regularly from next week - we're snowed under at the moment with other things but will be back!

PS We are looking for someone to design us a banner or something to pretty up the website - and maybe a new Facebook logo. We can pay you minimum amounts (and I mean serious minimum amounts) so let us know if any of you are keen.