This is a series of questions people have asked us over the course of this blog. Well curious folks... here are some answers.

Why blog about good shit? Internet is used to complain.
Maybe that's the problem. The blog started in January when one of us was going through a bit of a shit time. You know, the usual dramas. Girls were stupid, boys were thick, boy-girls could walk better in high heels than the girls on the blog could. It dawned on us that if someone we didn't know said we were choice, that would really make our day. And so we started this blog to try and pass that onto people.

Why can't I know who you are?
About five people know who writes the blog. If you aren't one of them, it's not because we don't like you. It's probably just that we don't know you. We keep anonymity because none of us see the point in you knowing who we are. Really, what difference would it make to you? You'd think we were either "anonymous weirdos" as one charming person put it or that we were after free tickets to gigs. Well, we're neither. Maybe we're weirdos because we like people. We're happy with that.

How do you choose who you feature?
Sometimes we choose people we do know but often it is someone who, over the past week, has brightened our day, done something choice, or just seems like a nice person. In saying that, we are open to bribes. We're still waiting for our wine dude!

Where do you live?
One of us lives in London [they have yet to write anything - ed.] and the other two live in Wellington. One of us catches a bus to work every morning and the other rides a bike or walks.

Do you hate anyone?
Not really. None of us can be bothered hating people. Haven't you ever noticed that it takes a lot more energy to hate someone than it does to like someone? Although, we're all dark at various people at various times.

Who is your favourite person?
We couldn't agree on one so we all chose.
1) My mum
2) My cat
3) The hot girl who sits a row in front of me on the bus.

Do you know the people you blog about? If you don't, isn't that slightly strange?
It would be "slightly strange" if we pretended to be involved in your life. We joined Facebook and friended a whole heap of you because it was a good way to get the blog out there. We don't look at your walls unless you comment on us (a good example of this was the other day when someone posted up something about people thinking Choice Choices was them, we commented on that). Most of the people we have blogged about we know in passing or don't know at all. At least a couple of them are counted as friends of ours but even they don't actually know who we are.

How long do you intend to keep You Are Choice going?
One day we might be as cynical as everyone else. Then we'll stop.