Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's been awhile since we posted on this so today you're getting the special treat of TWO choice people in one amazing post. OK now there's all this pressure for this post to be amazing but well, lower your expectations.

1) Doug Tereu @ VBC. Doug is pretty awesome. Student radio stations are incredibly hard to run - volunteers can be impossible, the quality of shows varies A LOT and the choice of music can be all over the place. However, Doug has managed to make a student radio station into something actually worth listening to. Yes, I know bFM does this well sometimes but VBC is my radio of choice. And have you seen the O Week programme they've put together? LOVE YOUR WORK!

2) Wellington City Police. OK so sometimes they suck. Especially at 4 in the morning when one of our team was almost arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour. However, a friend of ours had an incident last night that resulted in national calls being made to family and friends, three flats being visited, and finally, a banging on the door at 7:30am. All was well but the amount of work done for this incident was pretty impressive.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is our love list for the week. A lot of good things have happened, including the start of a delightful new romance for one of us. Guess who the loved up one is in this list!!

1) The boy whose name begins with a 'b' (sorry, I missed the full name), who held open the door for me and offered to carry the super heavy box down Cuba St for me. This from a man I didn't even know. Love you!

2) The lovely girl who gave me safety pins after a serious dress disaster at Matterhorn. A potentially embarrassing situation was saved by the girl with the stunning red hair. Man I wish I could carry that look off!

3) My new man. You're choicest of choice. Especially the too cute way you asked me to go steady. Awww bless. [at least one of us is throwing up a little bit right now].

4) The helpful staff at Glassons. I don't normally shop here but they have t-shirts that are two for $20.00. It's a good deal. After I spilt curry all down myself on the way to the theatre, a quick change was 100% necessary. Also, Glassons does the best tights ever.

5) Everyone who has done karaoke over the past week. You know you love a bit of dirty karaoke.

Hope you're all going to have a kicker of a week! XXXX

Sunday, February 14, 2010


There are lots of benefits to cycling around town. You get everywhere faster, there's tons of places to lock up your bike, and riding around reminds me of hooning around the tough streets when I was kid.

One company that is doing amazing things with bikes is Wellington company Blanc Graphique. It is them who are getting the choice of the weekend award.

According to their Facebook blurb Blanc Graphique a small company that rejuvenates and rebuilds bikes. We get beaten up old ten speeds, BMX's, and whatever retro potential you have lying around, strip them down, and turn them into shiny new eye candy so you don't have to.
Some of the bikes they have worked on look amazing! I especially like this little beauty .

Or this one:

Basically, I just love pretty much everything they do.

Can't you just imagine hooning around Wellington on one of these, racing down the hills (you have to have the downhill thrill with all the uphill hell), and arriving at work with the windswept hair that would rival Farrah Fawcett? No? Just me? Well, anyway... dig out that old vintage beauty you've had hiding at your parents place for the past five years, get Blanc Graphique to do a fix up job on it and you can also be cooler than cool.

Ooo and I hope everyone had a GRAND weekend, twas a biggie!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who, Where, What, Why

This is a series of questions people have asked us over the course of this blog. Well curious folks... here are some answers.

Why blog about good shit? Internet is used to complain.
Maybe that's the problem. The blog started in January when one of us was going through a bit of a shit time. You know, the usual dramas. Girls were stupid, boys were thick, boy-girls could walk better in high heels than the girls on the blog could. It dawned on us that if someone we didn't know said we were choice, that would really make our day. And so we started this blog to try and pass that onto people.

Why the fuck can't I know who you are?
About five people know who writes the blog. If you aren't one of them, it's not because we don't like you. It's probably just that we don't know you. We keep anonymity because none of us see the point in you knowing who we are. Really, what difference would it make to you? You'd think we were either "anonymous weirdos" as one charming person put it or that we were after free tickets to gigs. Well, we're neither. Maybe we're weirdos because we like people. We're happy with that.

How do you choose who you feature?
Sometimes we choose people we do know but often it is someone who, over the past week, has brightened our day, done something choice, or just seems like a nice person. In saying that, we are open to bribes. We're still waiting for our wine dude!

Where do you live?
One of us lives in London [they have yet to write anything - ed.] and the other two live in Wellington. One of us catches a bus to work every morning and the other rides a bike or walks.

Do you hate anyone?
Not really. None of us can be bothered hating people. Haven't you ever noticed that it takes a lot more energy to hate someone than it does to like someone? Although, we're all dark at various people at various times.

Who is your favourite person?
We couldn't agree on one so we all chose.
1) My mum
2) My cat
3) The fucker who sits a row in front of me on the bus.

Do you know the people you blog about? If you don't, isn't that slightly strange?
It would be "slightly strange" if we pretended to be involved in your life. We joined Facebook and friended a whole heap of you because it was a good way to get the blog out there. We don't look at your walls unless you comment on us (a good example of this was the other day when someone posted up something about people thinking Choice Choices was them, we commented on that). Most of the people we have blogged about we know in passing or don't know at all. At least a couple of them are counted as friends of ours but even they don't actually know who we are.

How long do you intend to keep You Are Choice going?
One day we might be as cynical as everyone else. Then we'll stop.

By the way, please don't phone the lovely lady whose number was on our Facebook late at night. She starts work rather early in the morning!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fringe? Fringe.

As you should all be aware, Fringe Festival starts THIS FRIDAY. There is going to the spectacle of performers running down Cuba St on Friday and then the lovely San Fran is hosting Rapping The Fringe. I'm super excited for this event - it's going to be really fun.

Today's choice award goes not only to the Fringe Festival (which really deserves it's own award) but mostly it goes to the wonderful Zelda Edwards.

Zelda is this bubbly, gorgeous girl (she has a passing resemblance to a 1940s starlet I think) and an enormous amount of energy. You'd think taking care of all the Fringe stuff would at least ruffle a feather but no, Zelda always looks so together and like she has everything under control. While everyone else was sweating away at the launch of Fringe Festival, she was swanning around, looking amazing and making a hilarious speech. Plus, anyone that rocks a bright red lipstick like this lass is choice in my book.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Radio Active swoon...

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Radio Active a lot in the run up to One Love. For those of you who don't know, One Love is THIS WEEKEND on Saturday. Tickets are super cheap and you get a lot for hanging out in the sun and music and good time vibes. The person though that has put up with my questions, requests, beggings, etc etc this week has been the wonderful Abby Catermole.

She's managed to make me laugh (while I've have died with the flu and being resurrected at least a few times), she's kept all the people in my office sane, and she does this while dealing with EVERYONE else she has to keep in line. Add to this, she is simply a lovely lady who makes anytime a good time.

So Abby, thank you for being super choice and for playing a role in getting One Love to happen for us here at my office.