About Us

CHOICE 1: Has always wanted to live in the 1950s and be a radical housewife. She enjoys wearing floral frocks to heavy metal gigs and leopard print is a staple wardrobe item. She used to spend her days imagining ways to kill her boss with office supplies but now she pretends importance. She considers herself a catch and is currently single. She is responsible for the header on this page which she designed in iweb and transported it to this page. She's very aware it is shit.

CHOICE 2: Enjoys confusing people and never learnt to be quiet. He moved to London in 2010 and is currently working for a big sporting event where he doesn't get paid enough but gets to perve on hot male gymnasts all day.

CHOICE 3: Likes to sit in bars drinking cocktails and pretend she is the most important person in the world. Most people believe she is just because they see her everywhere. She considers it a highlight of her life that she threw up in Leftbank and no one knew until the next morning. She listens to bad prog rock and believes that Elvis Presley died two years ago in his sleep.